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The field of small business is sometimes difficult to overcome. When an entrepreneur starts an initiative, efforts are focused at first on search strategies, however small, to survive the first year, so the market is not greed sweeps away illusion and can, in the not too distant future, achieve stability and then begin to consider the changes necessary to grow and seize opportunities.

Therefore, almost 100% of the business those are created in the neighborhoods or are based on personal structures, born to survive, to get small income able to support families who promote them. Which favors if that income stream is not enough, certainly, some of the promoters seeking additional work just to feed the hope that one day be able to live their own business.

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This is an indisputable fact that makes it impossible to harness the power of the environment, or to take into account certain conditions surrounding the business world, such as capitalizing on opportunities. The need to survive, cripples small businesses to invest in infrastructure or improve the human capital. So think access to cover more market growth or competitiveness required in the sector is actually made impossible.

There is no denying the effectiveness of such initiatives, since a high percentage of large economies is held in small businesses, in single-family firms. However, it is reasonable to recognize that these structures do not allow access to the large market, which condemns them to survive and not to grow, because they cannot:

Investing in training of human resources are not even able to get proper advice in a timely manner, which enables more easily overcome the difficulties that cause economic hardship or lack of liquidity. 

Increase its scope to expand and grow the participation rate of potential users, which would help increase revenue, achieve greater visibility, find similar initiatives in the market and learn new management techniques, etc. 

Investing in development internally or externally. Everything related to investment actions are impossible for these businesses, as their first priority is to get the house of their promoters persist, then the business not falling for that little flight of capital to survive and finally to weak consumer network.

This is the scene of small businesses. Have difficulty tolerating an instant analysis that allows them to appreciate the importance of skills development or consider addressing the knowledge economy, since any of these items require investment capacity which they lack. With the current economic crisis, even this reality has intensified due to the refusal of banks to revive the pathways that can provide them with liquidity. However, despite close each day more and more small-scale businesses; the global economy continues to live the dynamism and creativity of the market, where people are invented daily to no longer be an entrepreneur.

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