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The enemy within

The enemy within
In an action that requires contact with an independent, determined and demanding public, it is extremely important that the offer, whether it's character, results accord to the expectations created among the potential users. That is, we must give the public what they want. Therefore, if a company neglects the basics of management, much of their resources are unable to cope with day to day business, or to generate strategies in times of difficulty.

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To achieve better management there exist at least three points that should not be set aside, such as:

  1. Stabilize the income of a company is closely related to the ability of the management team to oversee all areas, effectively addressing and correcting any errors.
Moreover, much of the success of stability of income comes from the ability of firms to invest in training their human capital, a policy virtually impossible in small businesses that prioritize the daily struggle to stay afloat.

Having a highly qualified team can increase the size of operations, helps to optimize the media exposure to clients, increases the field of action through the expansion of the brand, overseeing homework, etc.

  1. Create contacts allows the scope to grow and making customers become repeat customers, a true vocation to absorb what is offered. Creating a well-planned network of contacts you can better control the flow of stakeholders, provides a more accurate measure of their preferences, which, ultimately, will help developing the right message for increased visibility.
Having a mass of well-crafted and well chosen contacts, the company increases its opportunity to anticipate future demands, or even have better tools to fight competition to stay ahead of competitors in the implementation of improvements, offers, communication, etc.

  1. Check the sales is one way to ensure customer loyalty, because that personalized attention to analyze the benefits of the product, buyer satisfaction, etc., contributes to the details that will ultimately help improve those areas that have not offered the adequate performance.
Many times an employer is satisfied with selling the product and seeing the customer get away with his purchase, because he believes that is the end of his participation. However, when acquiring awareness about the importance of that buyer returning again, that the product meets what he needs, meet his demand, he will be better prepared to grow.

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