domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

You're as others see you

You're as others see you
Expand personal potential is everything in life. I must confess that there are many candidates to succeed, but few who truly deserve it. Not for lack of attitude or commitment, but ignore what's inside. So you're like others see you. The keys only fit in their holders, it is important to know them fit.

So I have seen talented person who succeeds himself without even realizing how it has. Perhaps driven by his perseverance or honesty, but ends up pulling out of the top recognition for not completing the process, they know not what they have and they are driven by mediocrity. This often reaps an immediate appreciation in their superiors; often receive full support of the world, so his fall is much harder to discover its inability to exploit their talent.

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I have also seen the collapse untalented to failure with the best intentions. Are those people who do not even having talent, but they think they have and the sole owner of the gift is considered. Luckily for many, they often end up overwhelmed by the arrogance of that alien and remote success has been appropriate. Unfortunately I must say that these people are not best placed to lead teams or take over roles that are proportional to their formal studies, because they do not know how to manage time and resources. Appear more than they can give.

The universe of untalented is a world apart. Do not try to fool anyone; they have talent and boast of having one. I have seen in all these years of experience interviewing people, even hiring people, a lot of highly educated people with degrees from the best races, but lack of ability to fully implement the concepts they have learned. They are like puppets that fill a large social scene without merit the effort of people who have wasted their time and effort teaching them something they will never use: knowledge. They are like children they have in their hands a wad of cash, but do not know how to spend. It is useless to propose initiatives that will know never develop. Nor is there anything to reproach, the circumstances of life has led them where they are and do not even know how to leave the site that is not theirs.

Finally, the real talent, who also often accompanied by the wisdom necessary to apply their skills to the elements on which they act appear. They are people able to locate areas of competitiveness and can apply their skills in the exact area where they operate best. Generally these people often choose to launch their own initiatives, seeking to maximize their level of expression. They are individuals who cannot be placed in static locations or receive absurd orders, because they do not perform, they quickly realize the validity of the information, and if it meets their demands, try to escape if a trace. Never have attachment to charge money or simply seeking to exercise their creativity and used effectively in tasks where they believe they can reap the biggest rewards. 

Psychological aspect. The most determining eligibility for the success through entrepreneurship factor, even just to apply for a job, is the psychological skeleton that people carry. It is essential to willingness to change, to submit to new rules without losing the personal principle, because it is the only element that will distinguish you from the rest. Everyone can see through what transpires through your movements.
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