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Coordinate a team

Coordinate a team
In the administration of a company is important to know the extent of each of the areas of hierarchy and, in this case, coordinate is a function that determines the health of the entire productive capacity equipment. Unfortunately, many coordinators do not know that their job is to master the procedures and coordinate the efforts of all parts in the exercise of their occupations. On the other hand, also falls within their duties to ensure the peaceful coexistence and empower people with their homework.

When the production structure of a company is made up of more than one person, naturally begin to raise a dispute concerning the interpretation of corporate concepts, or the behavior of individual workers. Unfortunately, not all people have the ability to live in harmony, let alone in an environment where productivity marks the hierarchical level of the worker.

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At this point the role of coordination is important to accompany the development of actions and formalize clarifications from the productive control. Therefore, it is impossible to coordinate a team avoiding problems stemming from coexistence. Listen to the sources of the problems and to miss the opportunity to make changes, amendments or modifications to the equipment itself, can be extremely harmful.

Coordinate means to act, decide and correct the conflicting factors, if they are related to processes, tasks or people. On the other hand, when personal problems arise within a team, it is not advisable to try to solve involving all components. Personal problems are not solved in a team, but individually accountable for all of a particular fact, just bringing the conflict to those outside events.

Although it seems to involve everyone with what happens in the team, by the misleading impression that if the components learn to take individual problems as a team learn to live together, it is still a blunder, because those are not contaminated or not part of the problem, they end up being forced to take sides. When a personal confrontation occurs within a team, soon contenders seeking to ally with those who have nothing to do with what happened, forcing them to take sides, like it or not, and just impossible any kind of coexistence.

Generally, if a source of conflict is not resolved intelligent and absolutely, coexistence is just paying the consequences, because workers seek to improve the situation talking about it, which just setting a scenario of opinions that do not lead to any part because it is not the responsibility of workers to solve the internal problems of the company.

Therefore, the ability to coordinate well, correcting errors early, eliminating sources of conflict, creating a convivial setting, it is essential for a team to perform as expected. However, do not take appropriate measures at the right time, just sweeping away the whole team, when hostility is sometimes just from person to person. 

It should be understood that the entire group cannot lose their privileges for the mistake of only one of them, for the coexistence problem has nothing to do with the manufacturing strategy and working with models, but with people. And that is where must act decisively who coordinates the team, taking the right steps, separating the fire of straw for the whole field of personal values is not fire.
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