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Create good professionals

Create good professionals
Today, despite the extraordinary transfer of professionals who are in the labor market, where highly specialized person have had to take jobs far below their capacity or knowledge, employers are talking about need to create good professionals, where no measures curriculums but greater task commitment.

However, some talk unwillingness of companies to move their corporate ideas in terms of its human capital. It seems natural to claim commitments above a worker usual, even demanding performance blindly without providing proper training, but practically available to businesses to promote the potential of their employees.

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Therefore, if there is a need for performance even exceeds normal, it is logical to concentrate on creating a favorable environment for the talent or the knowledge of human capital. To make this possible, I see at least three important points to consider:

  1. Encourage the adaptation of professional tasks from practical support and specific training. It is true that in many cases we are talking about highly trained professionals in other business areas, so they are supposed to ease the process of assimilation or predisposition best effort, but if they do not receive appropriate and specific tools in the area where they work, not can deliver the performance that are assumed.
  1. Matching resources to the skills of the worker. This point tends to create some reluctance on the businessmen, they are based on the idea that it is for the company as it is the contractor, decide what and how tasks should be developed. But admit minimal changes to the worker to better leverage their knowledge, skills, experiences, leads to the same place where he intends to go: excellence results. Therefore, perform this minimal change and promote coexistence worker with homework, probably initially seem a setback, but once the capacity is achieved coupled to sources of the shares, the result will secure.

  1. Encourage people to approach the sources of decision-making. No force means to employees to participate in management meetings, but give them the chance to contribute ideas to improve performance, and that these ideas have a real influence on the performance of tasks. Being inflexible and require too much is not the best way to increase performance, but a way to limit the ability of the worker, their ideas, their creativity, once rejected by the company, will disappear from the scene of possibilities in the future.

For all this, and although we have spoken many times of this problem, it is important to emphasize that if a common ground where harmony will survive in the employer and employee, where ideas arise in equal parts, is stable commitments have the same weight and efficiency, the result will come gradually, getting better.

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