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Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future
Today, companies have the need to conserve resources in order to survive the setbacks that can bring them to the market. There is no stable plan that guarantees perpetual economic bonanza. Lack of a long-term plan or neglecting resources during the moment of success, carries the risk of losing everything. In short, it is wise to prepare for the future, because it is the key that opens the door balance.

In order to assure stability, the employer must follow at least three basic rules and know how to reach them, such as: 

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Control. Exercise control of a company is very complicated, especially if the job falls to a management team inexperienced. However, the foundation of success is in control, even before considering action, because once it acts, is much more difficult to correct, it is much more costly economically retrace the steps. When controlled with common sense in all areas, the management structure experiences greater stability and acquires a substantial ability to maneuver to the difficulties. 

Coordination. Coordination covers all areas of an enterprise, and is to organize resources to become active internal management. Coordinate group means strengths; improve weakest departments to benefit the production, promoting a smooth maneuver, no imbalances between the forces of production. This means empowering the process, reusing the effective inertia of the best areas formed for the benefit of those who go below what is necessary.

If coordination of harmonizing resources, placing the elements in the right place, you get the most performance parts and, above all, will be able to establish patterns of action capable of transmitting the exact responsibilities. 

Growth. It is the final phase is to collect what was sown. At this time the employer should be required serenity, especially if the crop flow is higher than expected because the excitation can generate scams perception of possibilities. Who thinks he has it all done, he can be on top of losing everything.

The flow of benefits is part of the entire company, not an independent equity without consequence, and that forms the basis of the future, the resource for potential liability. Success is more ephemeral than we would like, his vital energy tends to disappear at the worst time, and if the employer is not prepared for that trance or has misused resources in good times, he will encounter a big problem.

Enjoy perspective allows to anticipate future problems, develop appropriate strategies for the changes or the needs of the times of lack, assign tasks evolutionary not suffer with the changes, and for harmony between tasks and their executors, so that knowledge grow evenly and each piece knows fulfill their functions.

In short, growing up is learning to survive and apply the experience in the active elements.

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